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Hematite With Egg Shaped PendentHematite With Egg Shaped Pendent£4.99
Hematite With Gold BeadsHematite With Gold Beads£4.99
Hematite With Gold Beads(Big Drum)Hematite With Gold Beads(Big Drum)£4.99
Hematite With Gold Beads(Small Drum)Hematite With Gold Beads(Small Drum)£4.99
Hematite With Pendent (Cross)Hematite With Pendent (Cross)£4.99
Hematite With Pendent (Heart)Hematite With Pendent (Heart)£4.99
Hematite With V Shaped PendentHematite With V Shaped Pendent£4.99
Hematite With White BeadsHematite With White Beads£4.99
Pearl Necklace With Earings(6 Pearl)Pearl Necklace With Earings(6 Pearl)£9.99
Pearl Necklace With Earings(Butterfly)Pearl Necklace With Earings(Butterfly)£9.99
Pearl Necklace With Earings(Designed)Pearl Necklace With Earings(Designed)£9.99
Pearl Necklace With Earings(Heart Pearl)Pearl Necklace With Earings(Heart Pearl)£9.99